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Web Hosting & Maintenance

We have the best solutions for hosting, and we will do what is right for your organization. We offer a wide variety of services to fit any situation or budget with high-quality dedicated servers, low cost shared servers that are perfect when you don't need all the power in one centralized location and cloud computing which may be more economical if you're looking at expanding over time

For hosting needs, there's no better solution than ours! With options like our high capacity dedicated server packages where each package includes an unlimited number of websites on separate IP addresses hosted by our team as well as lower priced shared server plans that include 1 website per plan so customers can share resources efficiently without having to worry about running out while still getting access to fast speeds from quality

We are always there to help you keep your site up-to-date and professional. Whether it's a small business with one website or a huge corporation with multiple websites, our services work well for everyone!

Managed Hosting

We handle the admin, management, and support of the infrastructure, which is housed in a hosting data center or on cloud.


You launch your new site and we'll help you move all of the data from your old one.


Our security team is on the lookout 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days of the year for any potential threats that could compromise your data. In addition to our proactive monitoring services you will have an external backup in place every night

Our network technicians are always alert from dusk till dawn whenever they're not actually sleeping or eating so we can ensure there's never one moment when someone isn't watching over all of your important documents and information. Not only do we watch out for viruses trying to infiltrate our system but also other malicious programs like worms as well. We know how much it means to be able with confidence access vital files at anytime around-the-clock which is why no matter what time anyone logs into their account here,


If you are looking for a new server or to upgrade your current one, we can assist you with the decision-making process.
We offer three types of servers: shared, dedicated and cloud. We will help find which type is appropriate for each individual client's needs through careful consideration in order to maximize their satisfaction from our services!

List of web maintance services offered at Doitrei

Doitrei services offers a wide range of web support needs. If you are looking for a reliable service provider of the following services, please get to us.

  • ✔ Designing & content changing
  • ✔ Complete website redesign
  • ✔ Installing and modifying plug-ins and forms
  • ✔ Updating site navigation or site map
  • ✔ Enhancing texts/fonts and images
  • ✔ Content updates
  • ✔ Adding/removing pages
  • ✔ Updating images
  • ✔ Updating news and events
  • ✔ Website banners
  • ✔ CSS coding
  • ✔ CSS changing
  • ✔ HTML coding
  • ✔ Fixing system bugs
  • ✔ Troubleshooting
  • ✔ Web hosting